MMI Questions for

Manchester  University Medical School

Reviewing MMI interview questions similar to those used in past Manchester medical school is an excellent strategy. It is impossible to know exactly which MMI Questions will come up but by getting used to the type of questions prepares you for any possible curve balls. MMI practice is a key approach to successfully getting through the medical school interview and at Manchester it is rumoured that doing badly at one MMI will be a red flag and end up disqualifying you from being offered a place. Get in-depth feedback by clicking the button below and doing a MMI Practice session.

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MMI Practice Station Structure

In recent years at Manchester Medical School there have been between five and seven multiple mini interviews (MMI) with each station being manned by a single interviewer. These stations are seven minutes long and have a 1-2 minute break between stations. Importantly candidates are not provided with the question during the gap but rather given information about the type of MMI station that is coming up next. The instructions are quite detailed so take your time to fully digest and understand what is coming up. The interview style at Manchester is conversational and memorised monologues will not go down well. Check out the Manchester University Medical School website by clicking here.

The MMI stations assess the following areas:

  1. Ability to communicate
  2. Why do you want to be a doctor?
  3. Previous caring experience
  4. Matters of a medical interest
  5. Ethical and other issues

The questions below are based on past interviews and structured accordingly. These questions are similar and, although unlikely to come up in exactly the same format, will provide you with some idea of the type of questions that may come up. 


MMI Questions For Manchester University

MMI Station 1 - Motivation and Insights

What made you decide to study Medicine?
Why do you want to study at Manchester?
Why do you want to study medicine at the University of Manchester?
Why have you applied to medicine and not nursing?
What did you learn about yourself during your work experience?
Describe the teaching approach at Manchester
What are the advantages of PBL?
What differences do you think there will be in yourself when you’re a doctor?

MMI Station 2 - Science/Medical Station

Describe an experiences where you’ve provided care
Explain the various roles of healthcare professionals
What are the roles of a doctor?
What are the bad points about being a doctor?
What are the differences between primarysecondary, and tertiary care?
What do you think will be the main advancements in medicine in the next 20 years?
How would you protect yourself from litigation?
What factors affected the health of Victorians?
What problems might you face as a doctor in 20 years’ time?
Who would you put on a panel to discuss Gene Therapy?
What do you think about people using the internet for self-diagnosis?
What changes in the last 50 years or so have affected the health of the nation?

MMI Station 3 - Communication

Describe what is a multi-disciplinary team is and its advantages / disadvantages
Explain how you would break bad news regarding a positive result for throat cancer
What would you do if you were in charge of improving the NHS?
How would you improve the admissions selection process?

MMI Station 4 - Knowledge

Give us an example of when you worked in a team
Which skills do you think are most important as a doctor
If you came back from work after a long shift where the patient died how would you deal with it?
Why is managing stress important as a doctor and how do you deal with stress?
Describe a time when you have worked in a team? What are the benefits and disadvantages? Why is teamwork important?
Expalin the role of the BMA
What is the purpose of end of life care?
Explaing the purpose of the GMC guidelines and their core principles
Discuss and evalaute a 7 day NHS week.

MMI Station 5 - Ethical Dilemma

You work in a hospital, where you have noticed that one of the members of staff doesn’t wash their hands in between patients, how do you approach this situation
Should politicians disclose statistics regarding surgeons’ success rates?
What are is your opinion on herbal medicine?
Should the COVID vaccines and boosters be compulsory?
Should obese people be given knee transplants?
Should obese people be given heart transplants?
Should pharmaceutical products be available over the internet?
Should plastic surgery be available on the NHS?
What is your view of a baby on life support and placing a DNAR order?
How far do you think medical soaps on TV educate the public on preventative medicine? Do you think more should be done to make these dramas realistic?

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