MMI Interview Practice & Feedback

Imagine doubling your MMI interview score and getting an offer.

Medical School Interviews (both Panel Interviews and MMI Interviews) are one of the final hurdles to get that priceless offer – boost your chances and don’t waste the opportunity.

Got an interview invite – don’t waste it – practice and boost your performance through expert feedback….

  • Less than 9,000 places for approx. 34,000 medical and dentistry applicants.
  • Biggest hurdle for prospective medical and dentistry students is the INTERVIEW.
  • Avoid doing the UCAT / BMAT again.
  • Practice followed by expert feedback is a proven way of improving.

Practice Options

The packages below provide you with the opportunity to practice answering questions and getting feedback on the way in which you structure and answer the questions.

Package 1 – A single MMI station – answer a question of your choice or choose from from the question bank. It will be reviewed and specific feedback will be given – up to 300 words. This is not general feedback – it will include very specific points about your performance and if required even point you to some sites / videos where you learn more about the skill you need to improve.

Package 2 – A full set of 6 MMI stations – same as package 1 but much more cost effective. Set the lighting up, put on a suit, get the angle of the camera just right. I suggest you do one – wait for the feedback – improve your technique – then do the next one. It is all about incrementally improving !

Students are always short of cash – so I’ve dropped the price – you won’t find any other package similar to this in quality, affordability and impact.

Many universities will say “.. just be yourself – there’s no need to practice..” – but as we all know practice really does make perfect and interviews require so many different skills – skills that you need to start developing today.

So many medical students have had to take a gap year after not getting even one offer – their applications were strong enough to get 4 interviews but their interview performance let them down and an offer didn’t materialize – medical interviews are nothing like anything you’ve experienced before. You must practice and get expert feedback. Just think about what you did in your exams – what you did in your UCAT – you practiced, practiced, practiced. Is practice a proven method of getting good at a new skill? Absolutely – it’s the only way. But practice alone won’t get you there – practice with expert feedback is the key.

Do it right the first time and do not regret not having prepared properly. You’ve already spent money on your UCAT (and probably Medify) – if you don’t get an offer after interview you’ll have to do that again !

Find out more about the MMI format and get some simple hints and tips – click here.

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