• Get good at MMI Interviews.
  • Don’t waste your chance.
  • Expert feedback from medical professionals.
  • Affordable and convenient.
  • Improve, improve, improve

Practice Makes Perfect

Better to practice and fail in a mock then the real thing. Try, try, and try again – at first you almost certainly won’t succeed.

Body Language

Identify nervous twitches, and why it is essential to be open and come across with integrity.

Knowledge Gaps

Make sure you have the prerequisite knowledge – the best interview skills in the world won’t make up for simply not having prepared.

Lady stressing over the laptop doing the MMI station
Lady stressing over the laptop doing the MMI station
Lady stressing over the laptop doing the MMI station

Online MMI Interview Practice unlike any other – affordable, flexible, and effective

So many medical students have had to take a gap year after not getting even one offer – their applications were strong enough to get 4 interviews but their interview performance let them down and an offer didn’t materialize

Medical School interviews are nothing like anything you’ve experienced before.

You must practice and get expert feedback. Just think about what you did in your exams – what you did in your UCAT – you practiced, practiced, practiced. Is practice a proven method of getting good at a new skill? Absolutely – it’s the only way. But practice alone won’t get you there – practice with expert feedback is the key.

Successful Medical Students 

Amanda Chapman

4th Year Med Student
Hull York Uni

Yerzhan Kistafin

Med Student
Manchester Med School

Josh Goran

3th Year Dentistry 
University of Glasgow

Stacy Larson

3rd Year Med Student
Leeds University

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MMI Interview Guide

Find out more about the MMI format and get some simple hints and tips – click here.

Single Package

A single MMI station – answer a question of your choice or choose from from the question bank. It will be reviewed and specific feedback will be given – up to 300 words. This is not general feedback – it will include very specific points about your performance and if required even point you to some sites / videos where you learn more about the skill you need to improve.

Full Package

A full set of 6 MMI stations – same as package 1 but much more cost effective. Set the lighting up, put on a suit, get the angle of the camera just right. I suggest you do one – wait for the feedback – improve your technique – then do the next one. It is all about constantly getting better!

Last Minute Wonders !

Left your practice until the last minute – iron out any obvious problems by doing a quick mock. One suggestion from us may avoid making that big mistake that will immediately disqualify you !