MMI Questions for Aberdeen University

Aberdeen was ranked by the Guardian as number one – yes you heard that right – number one in the UK for medicine. You can check out the results here (university ranking for medicine in the UK). The snapshot shows how Aberdeen beat some of the best universities in the UK.

Aberdeen should definitely not be dismissed as a place to go to study medicine. It has some excellent clinical training opportunities in real healthcare settings and a robust research program in medical sciences that is supported a highly renown faculty who are experts in various medical specialties.

It’s a good idea to review MMI questions similar to those used in past University of Aberdeen interviews. Of course every year there will be changes – after COVID MMI Interviews are now face to face again –  but it will still help to understand the types of MMI Questions that may be asked or the skills the university is focused on. MMI practice will help you become more comfortable with the pressures and stresses involved and improve your chances of a successful outcome.   Get in-depth feedback by clicking the button below and doing a MMI Practice session.

List of Universities ranked in order of the best. The University of Aberdeen is ranked number 1.
Doctor in White Scrubs and gloves doing an examination

MMI Practice Interview Structure

In recent years at the University of Aberdeen there have been between five and seven multiple mini interviews (MMI) with each station being manned by a single interviewer or more if required for role play scenarios. These stations are five minutes long with two questions being asked in each MMI Station. Aberdeen University has kindly provided an example of an MMI Station on teamwork – check it out by clicking here.

On a more general notes students are to be assessed as follows:

  • Proficiency in utilizing current knowledge to respond to unfamiliar topics.
  • Aptitude for comprehending and constructing reasoned arguments and forming opinions.
  • Level of readiness for addressing inquiries.
  • Skill in examining various facets (both pros and cons) of a given issue or scenario.
  • Extent of demonstrated motivation, dedication, introspection, and empathy.

The actual topic of each station may vary but you can get a good idea of the types of questions that will be asked below.


MMI Practice Questions For Aberdeen University

MMI Station 1 - General / Personal Statement Station

What personal qualities do you bring to the table?
Do you see yourself as a leader or a follower?
Do you have any experience in leadership roles?
Is there anyone else in your family who is a doctor?
Are you the first among your siblings to attend university?
How do you plan to finance your medical education?
How did your work experience reinforce your decision to study medicine?
How do you handle stressful situations, studying, or exams?
What do you consider your biggest weaknesses?
What do you consider your greatest strengths?
How would your best friend, parents, or colleagues describe you?
How would you address a team member who isn’t contributing effectively?

MMI Station 2 - Motivation for Medicine

What initially inspired you to become a doctor?
What attracts you to Aberdeen’s medical program?
What is your plan if you don’t get accepted into medical school this year?
How will you adapt to University life?
How did you learn about a career in medicine?
Have you thought about taking a gap year, and what benefits do you see in it?
What other aspirations do you have besides becoming a doctor?
What area of medicine do you envision yourself in, and how long will it take to get there?
What qualities make a good doctor, and what qualities do you have that make you a strong candidate?
What makes for effective teamwork, and how do you see yourself fitting into a medical team?
Besides communication, what other essential skills must a doctor have?
Can communication skills be learned, and how have you developed yours?
Would you prefer a doctor with good communication skills but poor clinical skills or vice versa?
What good communication skills did your GP exhibit?
What do patients expect from their doctor?
How long does it take to become a consultant surgeon?
Where do you see the field of medicine heading in the future?

MMI Station 3 - Roleplay Station

A scenario is provided and the candidate is asked to take the role given along with the actor to reach a conclusion and / or explore the scenario further.

MMI Station 4 - GMC Station

This MMI station is focused on questions about the role of the GMC, the Good Medical Practice guidance and the reasons for its existence. Interviewees should understand the different career paths available such as becoming a GP or Consultant.

MMI Station 5 - Science / Medicine / NHS Station

What are some challenges facing the NHS besides funding issues, and what potential solutions could address these challenges?
What impact do staff shortages have on the NHS, and how can these be alleviated?
How does the NHS handle increasing patient demands, and what strategies could improve efficiency?
What role does technology play in the NHS, and how can it be better integrated?
How does the NHS address mental health, and what improvements could be made in this area?
What are the implications of an aging population for the NHS, and how can the system adapt?
How does the NHS ensure equitable access to healthcare for all populations?
What measures can be taken to reduce wait times for treatments and procedures within the NHS?
How does the NHS manage chronic diseases, and what strategies could improve patient outcomes?
What are the pros and cons of privatizing certain NHS services, and what impact might this have?
How does the NHS approach preventive care, and what could be done to enhance its effectiveness?
How does Brexit impact the NHS, and what steps can be taken to mitigate any negative effects?

MMI Station 6 - Rural Station

Aberdeen is in a more rural environment so faces challenges which are not typical in other parts of the UK. This station is dedicated to asking about these challenges.

What do you understand about the remote and rural option offered by Aberdeen University’s medical program?
Can you discuss the differences between rural and urban medical practice and the challenges rural GPs might face?
How do you perceive the benefits of the Regent and Student Pairing Schemes offered by Aberdeen University?
How would you adapt your approach to patient care in a remote or rural setting compared to an urban environment?
How would you approach recruiting and retaining healthcare professionals in remote or rural areas?
What do you think are the key qualities or skills needed to excel as a healthcare provider in a remote or rural setting?

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