Medical School MMI Interview Report

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The questionnaire has been designed to cover the most common aspects of medical interviews conducted by universities as part of their admissions process. Each question has been reviewed and weighted to provide accurate scoring based on importance. Through a carefully formulated algorithm your overall score and a score for each of the sections is subsequently calculated. This information can help to focus your efforts on areas of improvement and make sure you are completely prepared - you only need one offer so make the most of every opportunity by using the tools available to prepare and practice for your MMI medical admissions interview.

Background and Motivation (Section Score: 60%)
It's great that you've spent some time on understanding your personal motivations to become a doctor but you need to be able to articulate these reasons confidently to another person. Furthermore you should make sure you've observed real doctors (possibly on YouTube) and what a normal day in their life looks like. Understanding the challenges of the path you're looking to take will avoid any surprises and prepare you for the road ahead. Medicine is more than just passing exams, its about life long learning and constantly trying to improve. It is absolutely essential you have short term and long term goals regarding the role you want to take, and be aware that these may change as you experience many different specialties during your clinical placements.
Personal Statement (Section Score: 81.25%)
Well done ! You have an excellent grasp of what is in your personal statement - this will help you when being asked questions during the MMI stations. Stay focused and humble while appreciating that you are not the only one who meets the criteria to become a doctor and that there are many others less academically successful who will also succeed as doctors through alternative routes. Understand and reflect and appreciate your weaknesses as opportunities for improvement - improvement is always possible.
Medical School (Section Score: 75%)
Good job, you have a good understanding of the medical school and surrounding area but as always there is room for improvement. Try to dig deeper and learn more about the course structure and the way anatomy is taught. Furthermore you can ask students who have been studying there to get a real world insight. Your knowledge and actions to find out more about the medical school and the environment will prove to the interviewer that you really want a place and that you have considered other alternatives but are most attracted to their medical school. You can take things further by learning about the local hospitals where you'll do your clinical placements - what are they like? what do they specialise in?
Medical Ethics (Section Score: 41.67%)
Great, you have some knowledge of medical ethics and current healthcare topics and research, but it is not enough. You should have a solid understanding of the principles of medical ethics and national medical guidelines (published by the GMC in the UK). You need to show you have a passion for medicine by knowing current hot topics in the news regarding the healthcare system; the challenges and issues faced by the nation now and in the near future. A typical question in an MMI interivew is to ask about current developments / new research in medicine e.g., AI, robotics, genetics etc.. so being able to confidently talk about these subjects possibly with more knowledge than the interviewer is sure to impress !
MMI Interviews (Section Score: 50%)
Superficial knowledge of the MMI interview particularly in the medical schools you are applying to will not be enough. You need to prepare and practice and the only way to do that is if you conduct research to find out about the types of stations and the individuals who will be interviewing you if possible. You should have a thorough understanding of the skills required to be a doctor since you certainly won't be able to showcase examples of using these skills in your own life if you don't know what they are. Each medical school focuses on different attributes of a doctor so you need to have this in the forefront of your mind. Practice is essential but not the only thing - you need quality feedback and you'll only get this if you practice with a doctor or a HR professional. Friends and family can help you get over your nerves but their feedback will be subjective.

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